Let's do the same next week

Come out fast and beat down Arizona. I know many consider Arizona to be a dumpster fire, but they gave Southern Cal a game. And they have P5 athletes on their roster. I trust that the team will prepare for them as well as they did Furd.

Let’s not make this a trap game looking forward to the Ducks.


I think many consider USC a dumpster fire too….just sayin’

  • Honor the Process
  • keep progressing
  • take your opponent seriously

Tavion is probably worn out this morning - “that was worse than conditioning!”

Pledger is probably in his ear “I went 96! You better be ready for one of those, you don’t want to be that guy who ran out of gas and got caught!”

Good to have an extra day to heal up. Arizona will be playing for pride, they’ll be looking to take us down. It won’t be like last night, we need to be prepped, take it seriously, execute.


I was pleasantly surprised with how the team came out and manhandles Stanford. Once up by 14, I thought that the game had been decided. I was even more happy to see that the team continued to execute well on offense.

FWIW, who needs to throw the ball when you can put 400+ yards out on the ground? I realize that Rising did enough to keep the Trees honest, mostly, on defense with his throws.

I did hope that the back ups would get more time. I hope this type of effort continues through the rest of the season, and the focus is always on the current opponent.

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While we did have the game under control the entire time, I remember the OSU game and the Northwestern game and never breath easy until it’s the 4th quarter and we’re up by 21. Anything short of that and I’ll just pucker my cheeks and white knuckle it till the end. Even in our best years, I feel like this is a wise move and less likely to curse the team.


Absolutely. I was thinking about these two games this morning. Coaches need to play one of those as a homework assignment before every game.

I was reading the game thread on the Stanford board. It was so pathetic that I briefly considered sending them all a Teddy Ruxpin emotional support bear. Then I shook off that terrible idea.

Bad teams must be punished for being bad. No time to let up. Hone the skills, sharpen the sword instead. Kick their ■■■ for even daring to be on the same field, for making us go to their dog pile of a town just to humiliate them.

Killer instinct, UTES.


I’m not at a place where I can watch, but just checked the score of the Cal/Ariz game and was stunned to find the score 0-0, at 7:21 in the 3rd quarter.

I cannot image how this can be, but I’m eager to see highlights later and see how it happened.

Now 3-3 with 9 minutes to go.

Teddy Ruxpin–well done.

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Arizona wins 10-3

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The students storm the field. First win in like two over years. Cal was down like two dozen players and a handful of coaches due to Covid protocol.


ok, that explains it…


It sucks to see your team lose due to Covid protocols, but the rules are the rules. Maybe if the kids have gotten vaccinated.


They reported they’re 99% vaccinated.

2 positive tests led to a city mandated testing of every player and staff member.

Cal says most of the positive cases are asymptomatic cases caught by the mandatory testing.