Larry Scott tests positive for COVID

Reported on Twitter yesterday and confirmed by press release today.

Wow…just wow.

Best wishes to Larry in a speedy recovery.

He’ll always be the hero of Pacmas, and 10 years later he came through again in helping to dispatch the clowns down south, wreckIng their season before it begins.

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Isn’t their season usually wrecked before it begins?


In recent years they seem to pucker in August, as Huntley put it “they realize they actually have to play us”.

So, I guess you could say Uncle Larry saved them the dread of having to put on a face of false hope, knowing in all likelihood another loss was coming, regardless of how many time Zach Wilson’s mom gets interviewed.

This season things are falling apart in July, as they’re stripped bare of any pretense that independence is a path that will lead them to relevance.