Larry Scott....fired

This news is a pretty nice cherry on top of a great Inauguration Day. Cheers.

Really good news, actually. Thanks for adding us Larry, but man did you spend where you shouldn’t spend and presided over a big decline in the conference.


A lot of us, including myself, were of the opinion that Larry Scott was the Greatest Man Who Has Ever Lived less than 10 years ago.

Interesting 2012 Time Capsule:

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Yes, those first few years he did great and pulled the conference into the 21st century. However, after that he sat on his laurels and collected a fat paycheck. Glad to see him go.

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True. Went from GOAT to :goat: in just a few years. Fans are a fickle bunch.

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What would you do if you were the future commissioner? Do you pander to cable and satellite? Or do you go all in on PAC 12 Network, offer exclusive subscription to fans and put our conference in the best time slots every week?

I don’t know why ESPN, FSN, Dish, Comcast, DirectTV still exist, they are useless middle men.

I’d like to be able to pay for a PAC 12 streaming service and an NFL streaming service. The leagues can produce their own live games and get paid directly. I don’t need any other live TV other than what I can pick up with a digital antenna.

Some people have Dish or DirectTV plus they pay monthly subscriptions to streaming services Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Apple TV…how often are these people watching Dish? Only for live sporting events.

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Yeah, I only re-up my Sling sub for live sports in the Fall thru bowl season. I get my cycling fix elsewhere.

I wont win a popularity contest with this opinion, but I think Larry had some great ideas that he simply couldn’t execute (either because of timing or the conference not being attractive enough). I do think he was a head of his time where more and more content will start to be available on platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

Certainly Larry made some bone-headed decisions and critical mistakes, but he was also caught in a cycle where the PAC12 in hoops and football didn’t deliver. You can’t blame that on him. I also think that the gap between the SEC/B1G and the rest of the leagues has widened making it more difficult for anyone leading the conference to appear successful.


I don’t know where you lay the blame, but the P12 is swirling the major sports toilet. Mens basketball had only one team finish in the top 25 last season, and this season doesn’t look any better. Just a bunch of bad teams. In football, we had one pretty good showing by Oregon followed by a couple of teams that barely cracked the top 25. This year, only USC ended the year ranked – at #24.

Really, the west has an embarrassment of riches in terms of locations and talent, yet the product on the field shoots a double-bogey.

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Bottom line is that major providers (DISH, DirectTV, Comcast, and larger cable providers) MUST have PAC12 events available. How many sports taverns across the country have DirectTV so NFL fans can watch their favorite team every Sunday and on Saturday have a dozen screens showing college games across the country and some of the biggest PAC12 games can’t be seen there?

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I feel like this is a great opportunity to hire someone who will really work to reform college football, but I’m pessimistic and believe we’ll probably hire some lifelong insider who will just keep going with the flow.

Now is the time to work on big ideas: scholarship limits, salary caps, expanded playoffs, uniform and planned scheduling, cutting out the middlemen in the bowl system, etc.


I hope that the CEO group finds someone who fills the needs and wants of the PAC. The needs are obviously primary. It will be interesting to see how the conference is viewed and how it’s run with a new commissioner.

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