Lakers Repeat Thread

After tonight (I know it’s preseason) I am comfortable saying they win again. Just a reminder, I grew up in LA with a Dad from Alabama. I was allowed to choose the pro teams, just not the college team.

Clippers def aren’t the team to challenge us in the west.

They have a really nice reload on paper. It will be fun to see how they come together. Although I am NBA’d out right now. I’ll probably check in mid season.

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Fore College Football is my Number One and NBA is my Number Two. I can watch both year round. Dodgers I will check in after all star break or whatever 2021 holds. Raiders I will check in around 2028.

So let me guess…you’re also a Patriots fan and a Yankees fan.

I literally mentioned the Raiders and Dodgers. Keep up.

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A friend of ours has a philosophy about pro sports. It’s ok to root for 1 of the evil empires of 3 main sports in the US, but not any more. He defined the evil empires as: The Yankees, Lakers, and Cowboys, although he may have added Patriots since we last talked about this concept.

So, I am a lifelong Cowboys fan. So by his philosophy I cannot root for the other 2 evil empires. Not that I do, I don’t like either the Yankees or Lakers. @BamaFanNKY is safe, he roots for the Lakers but not the rest.

You’ll have to forgive moose. His trolling skills are declining with age. Sad, really, to see a once great troll fall so far into mediocrity.


Being a Raiders and Dodgers fan is a labor of love. As for Alabama it’s Vogue now but maaaaaan. Those lean years from 1993-2008 were lonely.

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I remember those lean years. I also remember being pleased that Alabama started doing well. Now, I’m just a bit tired of Alabama doing well. It will be interesting to see how Alabama goes after Saban is gone. Mostly, I’d hate to be the guy who replaces Saban, the expectations may be too high for that hire.

Saban said he’s got at least 10 more years. He got real bored in quarantine two weeks ago

Just no more Aflac commercials please. That dude is so wooden.

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Wooden? I would disagree. Anyone who’s watched him when he’s invited to be an analyst for a game he’s brilliant and I don’t get him being wooden in the commercials. Let’s not forget the man acted opposite Sandra Bullock.

When I think of Saban, all I can think of are his childish freak outs during the 2009 Sugar Bowl. Good times.

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I think of all the times he’s raised the trophy since then.

Opening night. I haven’t followed the NBA regular season in 15 years, but in the middle of a pandemic? I’ll probably tune in at least until the WVU/Kansas tip off. Any port in a storm.

College Football and NBA are my two everyday escapes when they are on. I can watch any game from either. Lakers going for #18!

Kuzma is having a game and it’s only the second period.