LA Rams

I’m not sure what it is, I just don’t like the Rams. I got a grin on my face when I just saw the score with the Whiners up big on the Rams. I make no bones about it, I don’t like the Whiners, but something about the Rams just puts my teeth on edge. Perhaps it’s McVay, maybe it’s something else. The more I think of it, it’s McVay that I don’t like.

Does anyone else feel that way about the Rams, specifically, or another pro team?

Dallas. Hated them since the mid 60’s.


The Lambs, and their “Traveling Show” for free facilities are a real problem for the NFL now. When they broke their lease in The Mausoleum and jumped to Anaheim, luckily the Raiders bailed them out. Then they jumped to St. Louis for a shiny new stadium, leaving Anaheim with a bunch of costs due to the termination of their contract. When they couldn’t get a new stadium in St. Louis, they broke a long term lease to come back to LA. This jump has now landed them (and the NFL) in court. Oakland has used this case as a framework for suing the Raiders too; but given the overall poor condition (and getting worse) of the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, it is unlikely the City and County can win that case.

1966, to be precise.

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