L.A. restaurants to try

While everyone was talking about SLC restaurants/dining I saw this website with L.A. eateries. Next time you’re there for a UCLA or USC game (or for whatever reason) here are the ones on the list where I’ve eaten many times and recommend:

Apple Pan - legendary burgers, long line unless you go at off hours. You’ve got to go there.

Dan Tana’s - fun West L.A./Hollywood kind of place. You’ll see stars and celebrities there often.

Lawry’s - Prime rib’s their specialty. First class red meat if you’re into that.

Musso & Frank - Lots of Hollywood history and atmosphere. Like stepping back 50 years.

Langer’s - An honest to goodness Jewish deli. Great food.

Pacific Dining Car - Atmosphere. Iconic place. Good food.

Philippe’s - Legendary French dip sandwich. Sawdust on the floors. Another step back into 50
years ago. Another must-go place.

When I’m in town, I hit San Gabriel/Rosemead for my dim sum fix. Sea Harbour is one.

Crustacean in Beverly Hills?

Never been there. You recommend?

Crustacean is good. it’s a fave of the entertainment industry.

This is really close to Galen Center, I stopped by and it was very good. The Cochinita Pebil was excellent. Make their own habanero based hot sauces. Made LA Times Top 100 list.

I am not sure about making the games this week. Thursday is more likely than the weekend. Daughters sport schedule may get in the way.

My take on the places I have been:

Apple Pan - Everyone talks up their burgers, but I can’t say I’m a fan. Especially, with lots of other burger options in the West LA area.

The Bull Pen - Prime rib joint in my area, which is comparable to the San Franciscan. Clientele is an interesting mix of South Bay folks.

Lawry’s - Been here way too much with friends who have fond memories of their parents taking them to this restaurant several decades ago. In fact, one friend wrote them a letter expressing his dismay that they took the tomatoes out of the salad. On a subsequent visit, when we sat down, they brought him his own tomatoes for his salad. So, I guess at least they listen to their legacy customers. The servers look like Mennonites that worked their way out of waitressing at Marie Calendars. They have cheapened out over the years, for example, no more free meatball appetizers while you wait. Overall it’s still okay, but not as good as it was. Good creamed spinach.

Taylor’s Prime Steak House - I ate here with a group a couple of weeks ago. Drinks were better than the steaks. Creamed spinach was ■■■■ compared to Lawry’s. Finished off dinner with a glass of grappa to get the burned steak flavor out of my mouth.

Langer’s - Good as LA Ute says it is. I never realized that I had never had a proper pastrami sandwich until I ate here when I worked downtown.

Philippe’s - LA Ute is right on about this place. Although, I do like Cole’s just as much.

Newport Seafood Restaurant - good, but over hyped place.

Thanks, I admit it’s been a while since I’ve been to many of those places, so my comments might not be current.