Kyle Whittingham on the state of the rivalry

It’s pretty clear that he did not want to talk about it.

This represents the attitude we should all have about BYU. I enjoy our games with SC far more myself. BYU isn’t an obstacle to use winning our conference anymore, so it’s about bragging rights. TDS cares more about the game than I think most of us do.


Whitt gave the right answer - we play BYU in the first 3 games, then we get into more serious business.

Who is BYU’s rival? Boise? Coastal Carolina?


I care very much about beating BYU, and I probably always will. It’s the rivalry I was raised in. I get a sick in my stomach feeling when they beat us that I don’t get when USC beats us. I care about winning the Pac-12 more than anything else, but if you tell me we aren’t going to win the Pac-12, I’d trade a win over BYU for a loss to a Pac-12 team.

I think there are still good reasons to care. We are the dominant team in the state of Utah, and that needs to continue. BYU still has a large and active fan base. It is dwindling, though, and I’d like to see it completely extinguished. Another generation of losing, and BYU could just cancel football altogether. That’s the ultimate victory in a rivalry.




Isn’t that an honor code violation?


And we don’t play them every year. Many (too many IMO) years yes, but not every year like an in-conference, in-division team - a primary qualifier for a true rivalry.


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Love it.
Let’s play them every 3 or 4 years and let other in-state teams benefit from a stadium game at the new REF

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