Kyle Whittingham earns PAC 12 1st half award

I don’t understand this talk of KW’s “retirement.” Has he alluded to it? He’s only 61 & might win the Pac 12.


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If we go to the Rose Bowl, I am naming my first born after Coach Whit. I hope Kylie likes her new name!


Do you really want to know what this is about. And I am 100% not kidding. Whittingham had his hair a little bit long - probably remnants of Covid hair like most everyone else, and people started freaking out saying that he looked like he was run down… which turned into it looked like he didn’t care about the game… which turned into he had given up and didn’t care anymore. All due to hair that was a little bit long.

Gets a haircut, suddenly all is well with fans again.

Yeah, we’re a pretty fickle bunch.

But to answer your question, Whittingham has given no indication whatsoever that he is retiring.