Kuzma 36 points tonight vs. Poletl's 28 points

not bad for a couple former Utes

If you look further into their stat lines, you can see that both of them were also pushing triple-doubles, Poeltl with 28 pts, 11 boards and 8 assists, and Kuz with 36, 8 and 7. But I guess that kind of thing can be expected in a double overtime game that ended with a score of 157-153. It’s like the Nuggets in the 1980s, but no overtime required.

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If these were former Zoobs, local media would have a dozen stories about it.


Right on cue: Jimmer Fredette has found fulfillment, but still has itch for the game - Deseret News

In 20 years we’ll see “Jimmer rises out of wheelchair to win national gradeschool HORSE competition!”


Good grief in Jimmermania… still.


So much for celebrating Poetl and Kuzma…


Serious kudos to Kuz & Jac. Along with Delon, they’ve had nice runs in the league, which isn’t easy, at all.

The NBA and college hoops are very different games. It’s pretty amazing to get paid for playing basketball… anywhere. Sticking in the NBA is a remarkable accomplishment.

Those two have steadily gotten better, in a league that is one of the most impressive displays of skill and raw athleticism in the world.

I find if I watch too much NBA and then watch some college ball, it’s disappointing. The NBA guys really are that good, they make things look much easier than they really are.

Kuzma followed up his 36 point game with 34 last night