Keys to beating Texas

There are common reasons to why Utes lost to both USC and Oregon. Offensively, the OL did not allow Tyler to be comfortable in the pocket. He was constantly under pressure. The Utes committed turnovers and could not convert in short yardage situations. Defensively, the Utes gave up big plays and allowed USC/Oregon to keep drives alive on 3rd and long. For the Utes to beat Texas, the OL will need to allow Tyler to be comfortable in the pocket and will need to convert in short yardage situations. On defense, they will need to get off the field and not give up big plays.

I believe a victory over Texas will allow every Ute player, coach and fan to say that this was a very successful season. I am not sure that can be said with a loss.

Would anyone be surprised if we lost?

Probably not, but nobody should be surprised if we win either.


I’m very concerned the Longhorns, with Ehlinger and their elite reciever will smoke our Blackmon and Johnson AA-less backfield. I expect Utes to give up chunks and points.

This game it will be up to the Offense to outscore. Texas was hobbled by an injured defense most of the season. I’m not sure what their current health status is.

But our dbs are questionable.

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I’m prepared for the worst. I’m also prepared for the best. We’re Utah fans. That’s how we roll.


Not in the least.