KenPom Rankings for Utah's future Big XII teams in 2023-'24

I’ve posted about football. All the talk is football but let’s be real about how awesome the Hoops will be by looking at the rankings by Ken Pomeroy The AP will be in ():
1 Houston (2)
4 Arizona (4)
8 Iowa State (6)
12 Baylor (11)
16 BYU (25)
17 Kansas
23 Texas Tech (23)
32 TCU
36 Cincinnati
38 Colorado
46 Utah
70 UCF
72 K. State
111 Ok. State
122 ASU
149 WVU

Wild that the current Pac 12 only has one top 25 team in the Top 25 for Ken Pomeroy’s rankings and 2 in the AP Top 25

From what little I’ve followed BBall in the last few years, this looks about right for my Utes.

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Can we lure a big time coach to Salt Lake?

I wouldn’t bet on it.

That said, if we could land a MBB version of Prime we might see some improvement. The Crimson Collective is going to have to pony up big time, too.

Also of note, with Adam Silver hinting the NBA is considering dumping the G-League Ignite league because of NIL, maybe the talent pool gets deeper, too.

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Utah has a history there of being a great program. Now upgrading leagues (I know that sounds wild to say) in terms of hoops this is an opportunity to return to prominence.

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