Just when you think you've heard it all

My wife just mentioned this and informed me we will NOT be using the TUNA Yurt in the winter ever again :frowning:

Probably scared the crap out of her.


I showed that headline (it was ‘Woman attacked by bear in Alaska outhouse, from below’) and it was like yeah, yeah, WHOA! WHAT?! FROM BELOW?! Fun to see the brain work that out.

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Nah. When you thought you’ve heard it all:

Why is her blouse falling off?


Not sure what the TUNA yurt is, but your wife sounds like a wise woman based upon the article.

I’m glad the lady wasn’t seriously injured. But it did make me laugh at the same time. Can you imagine a bear looking at you from a toilet seat? Not sure that I can.

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Because she wanted these to be bear-chested pictures, duh.


You are correct sir, that is much more weird than the article outlined in the original post. Now I think I’ve heard AND seen it all :frowning:

Truth be told, while it was funny from an abstract perspective, I was slightly reluctant to post the original article simply because it was SO odd.

Your response, and brief consideration of where you might have come across it, made me feel completely justified.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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