Just saw Top Gun: Maverik

It’s well worth seeing. It is NOT a fanboy homage to the original Top Gun. It has its own story line, but has plenty of throwbacks to TG.

I don’t want to give anything away, but aircraft geeks will thoroughly enjoy themselves. Great flying scenes, good story. Plenty of flying, as you would expect. I’ve been trying to follow the technical side of TG:M without getting the story. Such as the opening scenes with a hypersonic aircraft.

Go watch it. You’ll enjoy it, if you like flying.

Maybe when it ends up on Amazon Prime,

Agreed, it is a lot of fun and a rare movie that is worth seeing on the big screen.


I don’t see many movies in the theater, maybe one or two a year. But I was excited to see this, and it didn’t disappoint. The flying scenes were incredible. The story and it’s incorporation of nostalgia was well done.

I may try to see it a second time in theaters. The flying scenes just won’t have the same effect on the small screen.


saw it in the IMAX theater since i read they shot in IMAX. Did not disappoint.


Loved it. Just loved it. But I’m a simple trucking drivin’ man.

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I am one of what seems like just a handful, nationally, that thought it was just ok. Way overrated to me. Just a modernized version of the original, new Iceman, new Maverick, new gal, etc. and the only thing going is flying the jets through a canyon, and how many times do we have to re-watch this Johnny-one-note scene? I understand that I’m clearly in the minority, and that’s ok. Now the Elvis movie, whoa!

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I’m with you on this. Thought it was cookie cutter filled with clichés. Flying scenes were great though


Nothing wrong with that. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was more looking forward to the flying scenes. I wasn’t disappointed in those.


If you were going for plot you’ll be disappointed. But that’s kinda true for most all Tom Cruise movies.

If you are going for sheer fun and watching jets do cool things, good movie.


It was great pure entertainment.