Just saw this; this is great! * note: for some reason link doesn't work all the time; others have it re-posted below

I hadn’t seen this anywhere and don’t know who made it, but if this doesn’t get you ready for the game.

Very well done!

Yeah, baby!


Oh that was good!!!

Outstanding. His smirk at the end was just perfect. Bad moon rising is perfect. It was a blood moon Friday morning too. Go Utes!


Believe it or not, about 3-4 weeks ago I talked to the assistant to the UU marching band manager, and left voice mail and e-mail to a couple U assistant coaches telling them that they ought to play Bad Moon Rising at home games each time Cameron Rising throws a touchdown. I threw in that the band used to play Louie Louie by the Kingsmen when Louie Sakota made a field goal.


FYI that’s KW’s truck in the video too.


Ironically, no matter what I do, I cant see anything in the OP’s post … However, I PROMISE Y’ALL, seeing that live in real time on that huge ■■■ screen I was so close to was [Goosebump/chickenskin/whateverwierd-assnameyou use] moment for sure

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Me neither. Empty space.

Here is a Twitter link for those that can’t see the video above.


Hmmm, just noticed he doesn’t have to pay for the gas. Must be an NIL deal with Maverick.

I love this video. I only noticed after watching it for the 10th time.

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Who made the video? Did John Fogerty give permission?

It’s was on the team’s official twitter handle, so I assume it was the university. And they wouldn’t use the song without obtaining the rights.

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It is Kyle’s truck but originally it was Mad Dog’s. Fred bought it new in the 70’s. Kyle had it rennovated a few years back. It’s a really sweet ride. Let’s say that Kyle spent more than a few of the $4MM he’s earning on this project. Kyle’s said that it is one of the main links to the old man.


Cool. Thanks for the backstory!

If they got the ok from Fogerty, then I like him even more.

I haven’t paid attention to his struggle for decades, so it may have changed, but for the longest time, and perhaps still, you would not be dealing with Fogerty if you wanted to use one of this old tunes, but with the owner of the recording company he signed with in the 60’s. The bad deal over ownership was the reason he and Creedence dropped of the face of the earth way before their popularity was gone.


Licensing fees aren’t super expensive, and they’re done through third parties most of the time.

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Thank you very much. I want to say though I do enjoy their hits (particularly this one) I don’t know their catalogue. He always struck me as a little egotistical and perhaps difficult to be around. Who’s to say?

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Seemed to be well staged & professionally done.

I don’t know what is better. The truck or that gorgeous interlocking U zip up.