Just saw a headline from Kinahack that the Nacua bros are headin' to BYU

I couldn’t bring myself to click on the article, just notices the headline.

If true, good for BYU. Not that I think that it’ll do them much good. I also didn’t realize that the Nacua, can’t recall his first name, who went to UW wanted to transfer from UW.

Hope it works out for them. Just thought it was an interesting twist.

For the record…I do not hope it works out for them.


It’s BYU, it’s kind of a meh subject now. I found an article by Sean Walker saying that Puka (the one from UW that I couldn’t remember) was coming “home” to help with the family. Samson makes less sense, because he could help family while still at Utah. But hey, it’s their lives. I just hope we curbstomp BYU when the game rolls around.


I’d heard that their dad passed away, and their mom wants her boys to play together, I guess down south.

Samson could retire from the game and have my unqualified respect for what he’s done here. The long third down reception at UW from Huntley was a program changing play.

I’ve got confidence in Coach Bump to bring in talent… though this year is thinner than we all want.


From a talent standpoint, Puka will probably be the best WR at byu in quite a while.
With a new O-line and QB hopefully he won’t cause the Utes too much trouble in the upcoming game. Kind of a weird move from Sampson in my mind, but whatever.


Best of luck to the Nacua Kids…just not against us. Against us, they will get to relive TDS pain and a legacy of losing to Utah.