Just finished an interview with Steve Savoy

It was very interesting as I’ve learned a lot about him in the last few days. I’m converting the files now after having thought I lost them!!! He’s living in DC and wants to come back to SLC. He had a lot to say about playing under Urban and really loved Ronnie Mac, as most everyone did. I’ll get the podcast up as soon as I get it edited. He was a fun guy to talk to. He also linked me with Marty Johnson who I just spoke with briefly on the phone. I’ll have a longer call with him later

It looks like the zoom files are corrupted and I cannot convert them. It appeared that they were converting and then my computer deleted them. If anyone knows how to troubleshoot this issue let me know. It looks like I still have the file. Total bummer. Otherwise, I’m planning on getting an interview with Marty sometime soon.

Steve was kind enough to do another interview today and it was great! Will be posted soon.


Thanks to both of you for putting the effort into redoing the interview!

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Hey please feel free to hit me up if you ever need help troubleshooting the Zoom files / conversions. I do alot of musical recording with 2-3 different zoom devices and various file formats they use so I’m pretty familiar with them.


Hey there swmorgan, great to see you!