Just, almost literally just, got some great news!

I get to do moto-marshall for the UCI road race in Baltimore. This is the only “large” 1 day international road race in the US this year. Can’t recall if there were any multiday races that were UCI sanctioned. If you’re in the area on the 4th of September please find a good spot on the course and watch. I’ll be “easy” to spot with my Utah Alumni sticker on the windshield of my bike.

Sadly it’s on the 4th of September. I arrive on the 3rd, and have a meeting or 2 to attend, probably about kickoff of the Florida game. I’ll at least get to watch a large portion of it.



It’s a real bummer that the Tour of Utah is no more. At least the crit series is still going (although ending in fist-fight this year probably didn’t help its future prospects).

The Salt Lake Crits will continue. I know the promoters, they’re very much into cycling and racing. As for the riders, the 2 primaries were suspended by USAC for 72hrs almost immediately. There may be more to hand down after the folks in Colorado Springs look into more. I saw that the dude from L39gion of Los Angeles apologized. I haven’t seen anything from the Best Buddies rider.

Yeah, it’s sad that the Tour of Utah is gone. It’s 1st edition, years ago, was only a 3 day race. It may come back again, under a different name.

As for the Maryland Classic, I’m excited to be involved. USPro Nationals in Knoxville was cool, I think Maryland will be more so due to it being international.

Since we are talking about races that have come and gone, may I submit the former Herriman City race. Our club was the sponsor of it that year and it was a race basically around the boundary of Herriman - which was kind of cool. It took you right through the center of town (which was basically just a neighborhood of homes) and then out and around some fields - the majority of the race was far away from the public. Solid climb, screaming descent and all that stuff.

The last year that happened, even though there were Honey Buckets placed all over the course, some woman in her race decided to stop on the mayor’s lawn, pull down her shorts in public, squat and relieve herself on his lawn. This in front of families and kids all on the road to cheer on the cyclists.

That was the last year of that race (that I know of, maybe it has been resurrected). The head of our club went to a town council meeting to apologize, and while they met him with good humor - that was the death knell.

Yuck. I was driving the neutral support vehicle so fortunately I missed the display.

@RockerUte you by chance wouldn’t know Chuck Collins would you? I was a member of EDC, and volunteered to help out at Herriman for a few years. I don’t recall what roles I filled, course marshal at least 1x, follow/wheel vehicle at least 1x.

I do recall the Herriman race, I also remember the incident that essentially ended the Herriman race. I’ve used that example about making sure people us the Porta-Johns so that we don’t lose races in the future do to self-inflicted idiocy.

I don’t know him - I was just on the club and volunteered to help for that one race and wasn’t deeply involved. The guy who was ‘president’ of our club was Ken Jones - or at least he was the sacrificial lamb who went to apologize to Herriman in their council meeting.

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Hopefully we may see the Tour of Utah return in some form at this point as I’ve attended parts of a lot of stages over the years. Was exciting that we were able to see many of the great athletes in this sport and this tour has been among the biggest cycling events in the country.