Jones took over the game

There was a 3 minute or so stretch where they couldn’t stop him.

Elleby for Wazzu had at least 4 stupid fouls and maybe 5. Two offensive charges (against Jones), his piece of a double technical, and a foul on Carlsen on an inbounds pass with 2 seconds on the shot clock. I’m sure his coach is not happy with him.

Wazzu’s NET was really low. Much lower than even us. I’m glad we won. Wazzu is a bad team. I was encouraged by Carlson, Jantunen, and Jones’s performance today.

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To test my Rocker’s Quantum Basketball Mechanics (RQBM) observer effect theory I didn’t watch the game and instead watched a YouTube video on how to make your own hand gun lock out of a padlock, a drill bit and heat shrink plastic that claims it is superior to any gun lock you can purchase. I don’t own any guns.

RQBM 2 - 0


So, record is now what, 3-3 with wins at home and losses on the road? If the Utes go .500 in conference with all home wins, is that enough for NIT?

We are actually now 3-4 (WSU, OSU, UW vs Oregon, ASU, UA, UC). .500 in conf should absolutely be enough for NIT, in fact depending on the combination of wins and losses, plus how we do in Vegas, it might be enough for NCAA although that is perhaps a stretch. 6 more wins gets us to 500, however if those 5 of those 6 wins are Cal, UCLA, OSU; then that only leaves one more win and if it’s USC at Hunty, then its still only Q2. So that leaves us with 2 Q1 wins and a pile of Q1 losses. It’s only a smattering of Q2 wins.

So yeah, NCAA is a total stretch. But with that record, NIT should be a cinch.