Johnson will start vs Weber

No surprise here.

Something tells me Cam will be back and play and will play a couple of series. After that it will be all Johnson.


The tone of the statements from the team have changed a bit. It feels like he is close.


This is what I was hoping for. We need ONE Quarterback until scrub time. If they want to shake it up go to a Wildcat with Jackson.


Utah football: Cam Rising’s return to game action up to his LA surgeon - Deseret News

I don’t have a problem with Cam’s surgeon saying he should wait.

Nate opened up the portfolio of things opposing defenses need to prepare for when he’s running the offense, so if he starts vs Weber and adds to that portfolio, I have no problem with that, either.

I’d also bet money that Barnes would find success again, if need be. Not trying to start an argument, but it’s a team game. Barnes didn’t play well in Waco, but I wouldn’t write him off, just as if Nate makes some mistakes, that’s all part of his development process.


Exactly. He’s still a dedicated player and a Ute.


Does anyone know what Kuithe’s status is?

I’m starting to wonder if we see him at all. There’s been very little said about his progress (or lack thereof).

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Whit doesn’t have loose lips, so we’ll hear something when we hear something.


Has anyone investigated if Dr. ElAttrache is a UCLA alum? :smirk:


Well he’s USC’s team doctor so……

The only thing I hope to see against Weber is that we win without any “drama”.

That said, going forward, we have held 2 P5 opponents to an average of 12PPG. I like our chances if we can continue with that. Not saying we will, but really, really like our chances if we can.


Something worth noting: Weber is ranked 7th in FCS.


Yup, and if former Utah coaching staff member Jay Hill had not left for Provo, I’d actually be a little worried about this game given our injuries. That said, it is an FCS school, challenging a back to back P5 conference champion, so it should be nothing more than the slightly less usual cake walk.

Regardless, I’ll be there rooting our Utes on, after a very early tailgate, in which I plan to break my forty year prohibition on day-drinking; I’ll be enjoying a very tall, Bloody Mary in a chilled container starting at about 10:30 on the walk over and through the tailgate lot :slight_smile:

Hope to run into a few of you along the way. I’ll be the guy in the obnoxious Tommy Bahama Ute Shirt.


I would have imagined the University of Utah Orthopedic Sports Medicine would have done the surgery. Not for any implied bias; just that we have excellent surgeons here.

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I’m glad Jay Hill is gone, but there’s something about the new HC that is a little unsettling - his name: Mickey Mental.

I’m not one to make light of people’s names, but at the same time, the name you get can have an impact on your life.

We have a plaque in one of our conference rooms of a very high achiever who gave back to the institution named Charles Rich Smart. Probably just family names, but if you have that name, if you respond to that name throughout your life, I’ll bet it can have a substantial positive subliminal psychological imprint. (In his case, he was an MD and an entrepreneur, and wealthy enough to give back a significant amount of money.)

It works the other way, too. I wonder how many people in the late '40s had to change their name, from say, Delbert Hitler… to “…any other last name, Your Honor”. We had a researcher from Egypt who was a great guy, funny, smart, friendly, who went by his last name, because his first name is Osama.

Very few parents of the last name Hunt name their son “Michael”. Just a bad choice.


So, my gut says Head Coach Mickey Mental has found a way to use his name not just as internal motivation, but to perhaps make others think he’s irrationally aggressive, brilliant, not-quite-right-in-the-noggin, etc. If he made it to being a head coach in college football, I’ll bet he’s found that advantage and used it, over and over.

I’ll bet he’s a helluva motivator. I’m 1000% sure he’s mentally tough.


Sounds like a DC comic villain.


When I first read the name, my brain goes to “monumental” (same number of syllables). See, much better.

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The lead referee who always refed our HS soccer games in Colorado was named Dick Burns.

Whenever they would announce the refs before the game, he would get a rousing ovation from the students. :laughing:


Sounds like we had a few more injuries and may also be sitting some more veterans to give the youngsters some work. Guess the staff is more confident than I am

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