Johnny Manziel = Zach Wilson?

I honestly feel bad for you.


Weirdly both Philly and Bakersfield put out vastly superior music to most regions in the US.


One of my favorite bands, The War on Drugs, is from Philly.

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His rating was earned in a Covid depleted year against crap teams. A perfect storm.


Guess Zach is more hated by his team than Johnny ever was:


What was there to like? Dude was too busy getting busy with “Mrs. Robinson” and not focused on his job. Oh well, there is always the possibility of the CFL, USFL, or XFL. Maybe he learns from his mistakes, grows up, and becomes an NFL quarterback in the future.

One thing is for sure…he’s not an NFL quarterback today regardless of what the paycheck says.


He apparently works with former Cooter John Beck in the off season. So far, not looking good. I’m no authority on QB’s, but Wilson seems to have really poor mechanics and runs the offense like a gun-slinger. And no one can get into his prima-donna head to change anything. The kid has a lot of maturing to do.


They are roasting Zach on the localnew in NYC.

That boy is cooked like a deep fried turkey.


The kid was a G5 talent that got to run up mad stats feasting on cupcakes. Honestly, he is not an NFL-caliber QB, and will likely never see the field again in his career. My guess is he will be cut at the end of the season. Some other team might take a flyer on him, but it’s unlikely. He is probably looking at maybe a practice squad, USFL, or XFL team…maybe.


The kid has had his fair shot. Everyone piling on him hasn’t been fair.

Hopefully he can make a career elsewhere. As @Greginslc suggested like the USFL, XFL, or CFL. Too bad the NFL Europe is gone.


I wish no ill will against the kid. I just got annoyed with the Jimmer-like (it was never quite that bad; nothing is) obsession BYU had with him. I just hope his younger brother is even better than him.


Not living in SLC anymore I don’t get to “relive” Jimmer-mania (yay me). I do get to see ESPN, their pundits, and news among other national outlets. New York with be New York. As for ESPN, their roasting and beating the kid up has gone way over the top.

I have no ill will towards him. I thought his mom getting so much news because of him was weird. Hopefully Isaac has seen and learned, don’t do the wrong crap Zach did. Hopefully their mother has stopped being a camera hound, and is content to stay in the background.


I don’t remember Wilson ever doing anything that would deserve ridicule from Ute fans. There are other factors, with those being: 1- the zoob cult-like fascination with him, just like with Jimmer and 2-his mom seemed to be really outspoken on social media, the sort of thing where she put him under a microscope. I get being a proud parent but she was really critical of certain entities which made her look pretty bad, in my opinion.


I loathe any BYZoob player in the NFL. Plus I loathe the Jets. So, other than Jim McMahon, I hope all Zoobies fail in the NFL.

McMahon was cool. And I still laugh how he survived in the LDS world of the school. He was well known to be a partier at Roy High School.


I was not a ZWilson fan initially, but since his brother signed with us, and his dad was a DL here, I don’t have anything against him. His uncles are really good folks, they represent the U well. No reason to not hope Zach helps out his little brother.