Johnny Manziel = Zach Wilson?

I’m not denying that he has talent. He obviously has a lot of talent! I’m just saying that his path turned out great for him and that the Utes have not and will not suffer from not offering him.


That’s a pretty good point. Disregarding our 2020 non-season, what games would he have won for us that Huntley wouldn’t have won. I can’t think of any. Not a knock on Zach at all.

The other thing is given the type of QB that Wilson is, would he have thrived like he has at BYU? I think you might argue he wouldn’t have. He thrives on improvisation, and that is not the way Utah does things on the offensive side.

One last thing, Ute fans who are harassing his mom through social media really need to get a life. Seriously deplorable.


These types of posts (and this type of thread) crack me up. My recruiting articles of faith;

  1. If you have a chance to recruit the #2 overall pick, you do so!

The end.

Are you saying the #33 Pro Style QB in his class is a no brainer when you have the #8 already committed?


I am saying that anyone that says “oh we didn’t really need him” is crazy. Of course we did!


Anyone saying “we needed him” is using hindsight. He’s not a miss. He played well for BYU but as said earlier his stock may not be high right now if he played in the PAC 12.

I am less impressed with him the more I see of him. People fall in love at Pro Day. See Jamarcus Russell


Of course it’s using hindsight. I am saying that, in hindsight, it’s obvious that it would have been nice to have the number 2 overall pick on Utah’s football team. THIS is the thing I have to argue! Contrarily, some people on this site are saying that we would not have improved if we had had THE NUMBER 2 OVERALL PICK IN THE DRAFT! I think that is just laughable, cougaresque reasoning.

I don’t think I am being unreasonable in my position here.

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Clearly, if we had a recruiting time machine, we’d go back and get him. That doesn’t mean our coaches made a big mistake in passing on him based on what they knew at the time.

I don’t wish him success at the next level, but I’m not obsessing over him like too many Ute fans. It’s okay to admit that he’s a really good QB,

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It’s easy to play the what-ifs, but if he had been recruited to Utah, people are pointing out it’s perhaps not even likely he would not have transferred while redshirting, being behind Huntley, and maybe (likely?) started last year. It’s probably unlikely he drives down to CA to work with John Beck. Maybe he gets injured like he did and had to reclaim his starting position or maybe he doesn’t.

Circumstances matter. He caught lightning in a bottle, had a great year with a brand new light schedule, had great stats, really got better, got more notice, and will get a boatload of money. Good for him. Will he start in the NFL? We’ll see. He’s a very good quarterback, but that’s what they’ve said about many 1st round, many 1st/2nd/3rd picks.

The only thing that matters is how he would have been at Utah. And I don’t know if he would have made that much of a difference until maybe being part of the qb room today (maybe/likely would have started this year, probably wouldn’t be going to the draft this year). He wouldn’t have received a chance to start over Huntley (who now has worked hard and started in the NFL). I don’t even know how Tuttle would have done. His issues were deeper with expectations and entitlement - we’ve seen how circumstances has led his path at Indiana.


Yes, I understand that his choice to attend school in Provo turned out to be inspired; a veritable true blessing from above. For him.

But, if I’m a Utah fan (fortunately, I am), I want this extremely talented QB (who just happened to be a HUGE Utah fan) to be on the Utah football team. Could things have not worked out? Could he have failed to improve absent the great leadership of the Ute-castoff Cougar braintrust? Could he have transferred if he were stuck behind an all conference-ish QB for a couple of years? Sure. But he would have started last year ahead of Jack Bentleaf, or whoever we were lining up under center, and likely have earned us one, if not two more wins. And conceivably more in 2019.

I mean, we’ll never know, will we. My basic point remains that there is no one, that is subsequently drafted in the NFL, that I think “Utah had enough talent–we didn’t need this guy.” Alabama may rightfully think that, not Utah. When you increase his draft spot to number 2, no one, not even Alabama, thinks “we didn’t need him.”


Dude went to Provo High to play ball…got schooled by the U. Is going to get a serious look by the NFL. Props to him, but it wasn’t a loss to us.

We had a solid QB that he wasn’t going to upend. Forget the massive ■■■■■■■■ of “MEH” that was the 2020 COVID season. We have three to four guys in the house now who are quality players who get to have a shot at getting their notch in history by boat racing TDS out of their own stadium. That said, it will be tough to match the Anaconda-like strangling we did to them in 2019. Sucking 9 plus minutes off a clock…and they couldn’t do anything to stop us.


I get it. I see your perspective. I just think circumstances matter. If covid doesn’t happen and they play their schedule, I don’t think his stats are all that great and maybe they are a 7-5 team. We will never know. Maybe playing better defenses shows that he really is that good. Maybe he throws more picks forcing it or gets injured by faster DLs/LBs as he scrambles. We will never know. Maybe he still would be a #2 pick or would be graded round 3 or 4 and he returns next years. We will never know.

What we knew when Utah was recruiting people was that we could get the #8 rated guy in an area we want to recruit well (CA) vs a #30+ pro qb that yes, was in our backyard and had legacy, but was a lower priority. It was a choice, but an informed one.



I’m so glad you are here. And I hear what you are saying - it is true we would have loved Zach Wilson here, and we would have LOVED having the #2 QB in the NFL Draft.

Fellas, this is basically an 80s teenage romcom movie. Zach Wilson was that nerdy girl nobody realized was beautiful who was fixated with that hunky guy (Utah). Of course the hunky guy was fixated on the head cheerleader much to the nerdy girl’s dismay. He breaks the nerdy girl’s heart by taking the head cheerleader to the dance, only to get stood up by her. Meanwhile, the nerdy loser guy (BYU) who was severely friend-zoned by the nerdy girl ends up taking her to the dance. When he picks her up he finds her in a puffy sleeved dress, her hair out of a bun, make-up on and her nerdy glasses off.

And then the nerdy guy stuffs the ballot box by playing nobodies in football and makes her the prom queen. The hunky guy feels bad, finally recognizing her beauty and his sidekick (Utah State) says, “Hey she’s not that hot anyway…” He says, “Shut up!” and drive off in his Corvette to his mansion. The only thing to console him is millions of dollars, a winning tradition, national respect, being ranked in the top 25 consistently, a top coach in college football and the fact that he’s kicked the crap out of the nerdy loser 10 years in a row and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The name of this movie is, “Can’t You Find Somebody to Love” and if there was a “Can’t You Find Somebody to Love, Too” you’d find out the nerdy girl launched out into the world after high school. A mostly sputtering career with a momentary flash of brilliance and three divorces later, she still retains some of that charm that made us fall in love with her in the first place.

Am I making sense here?


Who would be the nerdy girl’s repulsive little brother in this movie?

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Obviously mark pope.


Nailed it.


Also, judging what QB you should recruit based off NFL GM projections is a really bad idea. NFL GMs are the only people who value Pro days over actual game tape.


2018 BYU game was a one score game despite Zach Wilson playing with no NFL guys and Shelley having a team full of NFL guys.

If we had Wilson in 2018 in addition to Huntley, there’s no doubt we score more than 10 points needed to win the championship game and we have a Rose Bowl banner.

I thought you had left.


In 2018 Wilson wasn’t even an NFL draft pick let alone the #2 pick. Based on high school performance, the obvious choice for the one QB scholarship was Tuttle.

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