Jazz vs Mavs (no one cares)

I went to the game today. The Jazz won. In almost all of the time I have followed them, I’ve never witnessed a Jazz team that has the killer instinct this one has. Many players capable of hitting big shots. I got to see today why they extended Royce O’Neale.

Might I also add that Delon Wright is becoming a fine NBA player. He has added 3 point range and was a serious thorn in the Jazz’s side today. Luke Doncic is just unreal. I thought the Jazz actually did a good job containing him today.

The Jazz very quietly are a 30+ win team before the all-star break. They are just 4 games behind the Lakers. I don’t see them beating LA in a 7 game series but I suppose you never know. I have been fairly skeptical of the Jazz during their win streak but today they proved that they can win a close one against a genuinely tough team.

I love this Jazz team.

Here is the sequence that decided the game.

2 times in NBA history has a player had 20+ points, 15+ rebounds, 5+ blocks and 100% FG%. In 1999 Dikembe Mutombo, and now Rudy Gobert.

“According to NBA.com’s stats, Gobert has the league’s best plus-minus (plus-73) in clutch situations, defined as the score being within five points in the final five minutes of regulation or overtime. He also leads the league in clutch field goal percentage (81.8%, minimum 10 attempts) and rebounds (41) and ranks second in clutch blocks (10).”

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