Jazz make it 10

Solid win over a Nets team with Kyrie playing well.

I had a feeling we might drop this one. We are firing on all cylinders right now. We’ve got a few challenges coming up with Dallas and Houston. Amazing we are in 2nd. I’m hoping Conley can pull his head out and then we’ll have a truly great team.

This season’s team is certainly a step above last year, and trending up. It is fair to say they are a very good team. The question is…are they a great team?

Let’s see what happens when they play Houston, Denver, and the LA teams as the season moves down the stretch. It’s probably not too early to predict the Jazz will be playing in the postseason again this year. Where they can get themselves positioned going into the playoffs matters. Just win.

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It was good to see Joe Ingles have a good game! He is such a stud.

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I’m pleased with his turnaround. He really sucked for a while. I like seeing both him and Bogie start.