It's official, and I hope to get some good pics to prove it

I get to moto-marshal USPro Road and Time Trial Championships in Knoxville, TN in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get some pics of the bikes. I doubt that I’ll get much of either races, except perhaps the Wednesday before the TT and maybe Friday or Saturday before the road races on Sunday.

I expect to marshal for both the men’s and women’s races. I’m not officiating that weekend, I’m trying to keep the course clear and safe for the racers. I’m stoked about this opportunity.

If I can get some pics, I’ll post them in 3 weeks or so.

FWIW USPros should be streamed. I am uncertain who would stream it, it may also be on NBC Universal or whatever channel they they’re doing the Tour on this year. The odds of you seeing me are about zero, I’ll probably be way ahead of the races, checking the course.

congrats that is awesome

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I’m thinking about an electric bike which tells you I know next to nothing about your passion, but I’ll assume this is a great honor. Congratulations!

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I think we should all pitch in to get CCU an e-bike, just in case he feels like riding along and permanently barring himself from future responsibilities with officiating serious cycling events.

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LOL, that was funny

As moto-marshal, will you be riding on the back of a motorcycle? Or driving one?

I rode motorcycle support for the Utah County Triathlon many years ago (the one where a swimmer died in a squall on Utah Lake). The marshal I drove around was looking for drafting violations, which was fun. He got all excited when he saw on, would yell at them to stop, and make them do a penalty time period off the bike.

I’m the driver. Odds are I’m going to be ahead of the race. As an official, when I moto-ref, I look for rules violations and immediate safety issues.

Marshal and ref/official aren’t the same in cycling. Marshal is similar to the guys you see on corners and intersections blocking traffic, or at least attempting to stop or slow traffic. In this case there will also be a large police contingent to help back me, and others up. Mostly, as a marshal I’m looking to alert the race (the riders, their managers, and organizers) if anything really odd is up the road.

I expect to listen in on the official channels to learn more from that side too. At the same time, I’ll communicate as best I can what info I can.