It's good to be back!

Hello Everyone! It’s great to see that UFdotnet is back up and running again! I had no idea! I was a very avid poster and lurker here from 2002 - 2015ish. This was my go-to spot for everything UTAH! I am feeling a bit nostalgic just being here even if everything is completely different. I do recognize some old names from before. Many of you knew me as Utah County Ute Fan (UCUF) I am sure I have met many of you from some of the amazing meetups we used to have! Oh, the good old days! Now I am a bit older and a little less crazy but as big of a UTAH fan as ever! It’s good to be back. I hope to stop by often and contribute. And if there is a way to donate like the old days I will do that too! I kept my same username from before for old time’s sake! GO UTES!

Welcome from one old-timer to another!

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I do like the new format and the lack of politics these days. For a while there, it was beginning to feel like the Huffington Post around here.


I rather liked the politics right on the front page, it was amusing and, sure, sometimes things got a little bit out of control, but it gave the place character.

I just don’t understand why a community of people who have something in common (in this case, being Utah sports fans) can’t be open and revealing about other things going on in their lives, including politics and religion. It seems to me that that is how communities are developed, and how people really get to know each other. As long as things are generally civil, what’s wrong with sharing opinions in your community, even if the community has a special focus.

Frankly, I think this is a nice website, but it has lost some of its special character. With everything exposed on the front page, regardless of “donorship”, you really always knew what you were getting on I loved when someone would post a real zinger right on the front page and it would get immediate community (dis)approval/reaction. That was fun. Now, this site is just another Ute fan destination, the character of which is quite similar to, say, Utehub. Informative, still a little fun, but not quite with the same charm and unique excitement.

Oh well, I guess it’s okay to be another Utehubbish place to go if it makes it a safe space for people who are worried about being on Utehuffpost. It’s not like you couldn’t ignore the politics/religion categories if you couldn’t handle the discourse.


We made that change in order to save the board. Seriously. Still, this is a dynamic process and if anyone comes up with ideas about how to improve this place, let us know.


I understand, and I can see your perspective, so I don’t want to come across as some ingrate. I know that you guys have put a lot of thought and effort into this place, and it looks great. I just miss the feel of the old board and had to get it off my chest. Thanks for responding.

There wasn’t much of a board left in the end.

I’ve often maintained that part of the fun of UFN was kind of the wild west aspect of it, where anything goes. And I enjoyed and participated in it as much as anyone… but a factor that has changed things from 2008 to 2019 is really the current state of politics. People who enjoyed politics vs those who wanted it to go away were outnumbered by about 20:1 as well.

As LA says, nothing is set in stone and there is still a lot of fun stuff we can do without the political banter front and center. We’ll see how it goes.

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I just don’t understand how anyone here would want to discuss politics even MORE than is already forced down people’s throats on every other platform these days. If you want to argue about Trump-related issues, why not spend time on Twitter or Facebook?

It’s nice to have a place to come where it’s all about the Utes.