It's game day! Utes home vs Beavers

5 PM mountain time on ESPN2. Rylan Jones probably out.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!

does anyone know, does Plummer being the only senior on the team have the opportunity to play next year due to the pandemic?

If Larry stays, I suspect will lose Jordan Kellier to the portal, just a guess

Plummer can stay 1 more year if he chooses to.

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And there it is. Kings of the late game turnovers.

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I am watching with 30 seconds to go, the ball Utah’s, with a chance to tie. I was watching for the stupid turnover that pretty much ends the opportunity. And it happened. Then an OSU guy made only one of two free throws, and we had another chance to tie. And then the ball goes through someone’s hands–then the over and back. 13 seconds to go. Now we hope for a miracle. End-of-game poise? They don’t have it. LK’s teams never do.

We have such a low team-BB IQ.

R u referring to pelle’s horrible pass to Carlson or the next time down Carlson letting the ball slip thru his hands?

At least that ball, through Carlson’s hands, was tipped. That poor pass was on Allen. He makes a few of those per game.


this is the mark of a poorly coached team. Josh Newman’s tweet. We were up by 4 with 1:55 left

Both. Although that pass to Carlson was tipped slightly. Still a dumb pass in crunch time. These guys lose their minds in crunch time. And it’s not just this crop of Utes under LK who have that problem. It’s the strangest thing. What does he do or not do that creates that problem?

They outrebounded us 30-20, and scored 24 second chance points to ur 4. We are so weak underneath. both carlson and Rylan seem to have regressed a lot this year.

Yarrrrrrgggg!!! When I last checked we were looking good and while not running away with the game, seemed to have it under control.

Then the internet and phones and power, in the area where my mother’s assisted living facility is located all went down… after finally finding a means of verifying that she was alright, I come back to check out margin of victory and find… well you all know what I found :frowning:

Seems like we might have hired the wrong former-Montana coach, and might be paying more than we should, huh?

Truth. Story writes itself about every game.

This is a poorly coached team. Unless there is something in the conference rules that mandate participation in the conference championship tournament, I would sit this bunch out and call it a year.

By this time next week, I expect the Transfer Portal to be loading up with about half of this team. Without a HC change, yes, “wash-rinse-repeat” will be our battle cry…again for 2021-2022. No Big Dance…no conference hardware…no beating the Parochial School down south…and the excuses will rain down.

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Utes only have 11 scholarship players on the roster (not counting Brooks King–walk on who has a loyalty scholarship for this year only).
They play 8 of the 11–& with Ryan out it is 7 of 11.

Recruiting is the problem–
They have too many players like Lahat, Kellier & Brenchley who add next to nothing.
You can’t consistently win with those shortages.

Of the 8 --maybe Plummer moves on–tries to earn some money somewhere overseas.
Otherwise Utah kids don’t leave, coaches son does not leave & foreign players probably harder to transfer due to paperwork.

Rylan might help at the end of these games next year–but he will probably always be injured due to the way he plays–hard to criticize someone for diving on the floor & taking charges–but he might need to back off because of his size.

Otherwise expect more of the same next year.


who is the Euro was committed last spring or so and had to wait a year?

What are the chances either Pelle or MJ decide to stay in Europe?

Norbert Thellisen is enrolled in online classes at the U this year. Lazar Stefanovic is the other one who will come over next year.

I really believe that Lahat could contribute 6-10 minutes per game if he received consistent minutes.

I believe Plummer and Allen leave regardless of what happens with the coaching staff - they have both maxed out their potential, neither is NBA material, and the might as well make some money in Europe.

I don’t think it is a lock that the other players stay. Hopefully, Miki, Pelle, Martinez and Carlson stay. They are the core to build around.

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