It'll take some getting used to but I like the new format

It seems really clean and easy to use. Seems like it has a ton of features. I miss the nested replies though.

Not too shabby.

I wanted to star this post… but yes, change is necessary and I’m sure improvements will continue to be made and be much easier now

@zeous I’m curious, can you not see the little heart at the bottom of the post yet? Some of those types of features come as you visit and post. Since you start out at level 1 it may not be there yet.

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I can on your post and sfork’s actually, but not on superdoo’s

Is way cool - thanks!

I wish there was a way to stretch the forum main view and posts to the full width of the browser window. It’s a bit cramped when viewing on my home pc (27" running 2560x1440).

Hit refresh and let me know if that is any better.

Worked like a charm, thanks man. Much easier to read!

who knew that MENSA is also where all the beautiful people hang out

Caw caw ■■■■■■■

The swear word censor seems to work