It was no shame for Utah to lose to Colorado

Their effort was actually quite impressive, considering the fact that the Buffs also just beat Washington State and are headed to the Pac-12 Championship Game. I mean, Utah had to play a rested Colorado team after their game against ASU the night before. Washington State got to play them when both teams had equal rest, but still couldn’t pull out the win. Colorado might win the PAC-12 tournament, which would be quite fitting. They also won the first Pac-12 tournament. They also would have won the last one. Though I actually think Oregon might get them in the title game. It’s extremely difficult to beat a team 3 times in the same season, and that’s what is necessary for Colorado to get there. If Oregon wins, I think the Pac-12 gets 4 NCAA Tournament bids (Oregon AQ, Arizona, Wazzu, Colorado).

Colorado has a very good team that is peaking just at the right time. No one would want to play them.

The shame for Utah is all their horrible losses, like two to ASSU and the one to OSU. The Utes should have been off the NCAA bubble before their loss to Colorado.

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Losses @ Stanford @OSU and at home to ASU are putting Utes in NIT. Win against UA or @ Oregon, would have made those losses less important, but those were terrible losses.


Arizona also lost to Oregon State

It was no shame- but it was no great honor either.