It took WAAAY too long, but the NFL finally did something about Vontaze Burfict

He’s been delivering dirty hits since his college days, and finally the NFL has done something. He’s done for the season after yet another head shot.

He was a scumbag at ASU - glad to see this happen. I watched that last video, that is just straight up uncalled for. Not only is he giving other people concussions, he’ll probably be like an 90yo man at 40 for doing it.

While I hate the arbitrary nature of targeting calls (and I think they should have two categories of targeting - intentional and unintentional) I totally support it for the long term health of the players.


Dude is a thug on the field. There are clean hits, then there is the ■■■■ Burfict does spearing people.

I am sure the players union is warming up the appeal of the suspension.

Which is a tough spot for the union. How do you defend the behavior of a player who is endangering other players? If he comes back sooner and hurts someone then how does the union respond to the harmed player?