It’s the first day of October and I’m already tired of everything pumpkin

Can we be done with this crap?

Not all pumpkins are bad!


But, the holiday itself is a grand, whimsical, childlike opportunity for kids (and adults) to get dressed up have fun and maybe get a little weird.
I’ve always loved Hawloween. I view it as among the least judgmental or requisite of holidays in many ways.
And it’s probably the oldest one! It just goes back forever you know; celebrates the end of the harvest. Which is very cool!

Photo from a Stitch & Biatch somewhere in Vermont…

Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween and the changing of the season…it’s the constant barrage of Pumpkin Spice and Bootiques that exploit everybody’s excitement.

Is there a huge demand for pumpkin spice condoms?

It’s hard to say.
It’s clear that particular smell hits all of the olfactory “delight” zones. That’s why one smells it in virtually all types of stores nowadays. But soon, peppermint, cinnemon and pine will pervade.
Like oak (vanilla) in Chardonnay, to much of a good thing…

The Xmas stuff has been up at Costco for two weeks

I enjoyed Halloween one year living next to an all girls college in NY. THOSE were good memories.

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I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice anything. Orange spice is a bit better, but still can be overwhelming.

That said, we made some pumpkin chili last week that was amazing. It wasnt pumpkin-y at all, and the pumpkin just gives it a thick ‘body’. Great stuff on a cool day.