It has finally happened - ASU is now the new TDS - we've found our rival

May you be exalted. I felt like I was watching the same. Lots of emotion. ASU played like prisoners in a lunch line. Their mascot looks like a douchebag. May they be sucked into the black hole of Mordor.
I also hope we curb-stomp them next year at home

Winning on the USC home field sometime in the recent century would be a REALLY GOOD start - should have happened this year :frowning:


I think that would have become a heated rivalry given some more time together. I remember watching their players throw up the upside down U before that horrific game in 2009, and thinking to myself that these guys seem to really dislike Utah (I’m guessing for the way we did them the year prior).

I get what you’re saying, but I just can’t see Herm doing that. He has always seemed like a class act, and didn’t he even apologize to Whitt after the game for their dirtier plays?


Yes, you are probably correct. Herm seems to be a great guy all around. I have too much of a Todd Graham hangover.

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In this thread I started out kind of defensive of Herm, but after seeing the hit job on Enis that was more than players just being chippy, that was orchestrated. Maybe that’s coming from some of the other ASU coaches and not Herm, but still.

If Whit accepts his apology so will I, but at the same time it is something to keep an eye on.


That impressed me too. Still, somebody on his staff must have told those players to do that. If it was spontaneous among the players, he has some disciplining to do.


Indeed a rival can be a respected opponent with gracious attitude. In the before time, 50’s and 60’s, USU was our rival. Every Thanksgiving they played the “Battle of the Brothers” and there was no hate. No claims of moral superiority, no religion, just “who is the best in Utah this year” (BYU was an afterthought). We can have a healthy and respectful rivalry with USC since the PAC-12 South usually runs through them or us.

Just because BYU is full of self righteous pricks who have no idea why misogyny, racism, and homophobia are wrong doesn’t mean we have to believe that a rival is an enemy. Let’s look forward to a new era of friendly rivalries in the PAC-12.

I’m still in awe that our league opponents are such a bunch of storied programs.


That’s a great point. I appreciate playing USU so much more than BYU and ASU. Why is that?

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Probably because you enjoy watching sports more than dealing with ■■■■■■■■■


Our rivalry with byu was dysfunctional and very unhealthy for both fanbases. It negatively affects the way we interact with other fanbases.

No reason to apply that same paradigm to ASU.


Hear, Hear

I hear ya. I think I’ll take the same stance as Rocker for the time being. If we start to see a pattern then we can definitely blame Herm.

We all need to be big ASU fans next week when they play USC.

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Honestly Hate USC more than anyone and as someone said earlier most years it is us vs them for the Pac12 south so to me they are the rival.

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I like a rivaly with Colorado
Not so much with ASU at this time.
I think we have to earn a rivally with USC over time and effort.
Storied as they are, we are beholdent to win in the coliseum - and more than once - to prove it wasn’t a quark.

We don’t need to hate a rival. That is a sour legacy of the Utah/BYU thing. It was filled with religious vitriol on both sides. I assume USC fans, Colorado fans, and ASU fans are not homophobes and don’t feel they are morally superior (unless of course we can’t enjoy a rivalry without hate)


Agreed. I absolutely love beating our rival (whoever it is, even BYU) but hatred seems a bridge too far.

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I hate people that think this way.

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I hated what had become.