Is this a good hire for football?

I’m unfamiliar with Mike Bajakian. He worked as Northwestern’s OC last season. Seem that our Utes want him as an analyst.

Based on what we saw on the field, I think this is an astute hire. They had a seasoned QB, granted, but they put up 21 on our defense.

This article explains there may have been a “fit” issue with the new coach: Northwestern Wildcats Fire Offensive Coordinator Mike Bajakian After Successful Record - BVM Sports

But an analyst is far different than being an OC. If Lud likes what he brings, it’s a smart decision.


Analysts have a very limited role. They can help run drills at practice but cannot coach technique. They cannot recruit off campus and cannot even contact recruits. They can work with players in film study. I think Utah hired Urban Meyer’s SIL, who was the QB coach at Ohio State.

Corey Dennis did not join Utah and has instead joined Mississippi.


Agree. Bajakian isn’t going to have an enormous impact, but he’s another Xs and Os guy who can help with gameplanning, another set of eyes in the booth. That’s the main thing I see. That’s really the only thing I see.

We’re seeing more & more really youthful coaches - have to connect with and motivate teenagers and barely twenties kids - but you also need to have solid schematics, and a brain trust of experience.

Bajakian has been around: QB coach of the Buccaneers, OC at Boston College, Tennessee, Cincinnati. Obviously not a household name, has been on the market awhile after getting fired at Northwestern in December.

I would think his days as a high level college OC are over, so calibrate expectations and ego downward… and get back in the game. You see this all the time with NFL coaching staffs. Beside the really young coaches, you frequently see a Who’s Who of former HCs who were canned, now reincarnated as assistants or consultants.

If there’s any issue whatsoever, you just can him. I’m sure he knows the gig. Low risk, moderate upside. If he can help see through some otherwise opaque situations like Rising vs Brewer in fall camp of '21, then it’s worth it.


I would hope that Whittingham and Harlan have fully vetted his involvement and seeming support of the hazing at NW. I am sure that has also hurt his OC chances.

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