Is there anywhere I can watch a replay of the game without the pac12 network?

Thought I had it recording but realized Pac12 network isn’t on my DVR service :frowning:

I’ll have it available to download sometime tomorrow…

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That would be awesome!

I have a torrent available for download:


How do i play the file? Windows Media won’t do it

You have to open the .torrent file with a program like uTorrent, after which you can download the full video file:

If you already have the video file downloaded through uTorrent try installing a different media player, like VLC, which should support the format of the video file:


I also have the game available for download via torrent at my football video archive site:

You can download and watch any game that I have on there. I’m 99% certain I have everygame since 2010 or so, and various games prior to that also.



I’ve tried a couple different programs, but it seems there aren’t enough seeders to be able to get the files to come through. I’d love some help.