Is Josh Wilson good enough to play at Utah

I see that he’s a pretty physical HS player on defense right now for Corner Canyon and has committed to TDS early on. What is his current in state prospect ranking? Assuming Sitake gets canned or even comes back to the U, would Josh Wilson re-evaluate his options?

He is a good player and is pretty exciting to watch. Identified as a 3 star now with the only other offer I see from Fresno State. 247 has him listed as the 12th best prospect out of the state.

He may be good enough to play at Utah, at worst as a grey shirt or walk on. I’d rather that anyone in Utah come to the Utes over TDS to limit any potential impact players going there. But roster spots also need to be balanced so we can’t have them all.

Recruiting is a balancing act (see Tuttle). But luckily for the Utes this commit isn’t a sure thing. He may turn out to be the next Chase Hansen - and if so, good for him. But the Utes shouldn’t lose any sleep over him going to TDS.


I’ve gotta ask, the conduct of Lisa Wilson regarding the U publicly has to be burning bridges, and she seems to be willing to do so. I seem to remember her being quoted as basically she was mad the U snubbed Zach and that none of her kids would ever play there. Further, he conduct publicly would indicate that she is probably a frequent parent in the coach’s office - would a respectable program put up with that?

Speculation on my part, but if I was a coach she’d definitely cause me pause in recruiting.


Take that back - Fresno isn’t even an offer - Rivals just shows them as interested.

He reminds me of a smaller Quinn Fabrizio. Fabrizio looked fantastic in high school making tackles all over the place, and blowing up a lot of small WRs and RBs. Unfortunately, he just didn’t have the athleticism to play in the P12 and just entered the transfer portal. Wilson is a similar athlete (maybe slightly more athletic) but significantly smaller. You never know how a kid will develop, but Wilson would be a major stretch for the U.


We don’t need any helicopter parents, that’s for sure.


She and her kids can all go down there and waste away into obscurity.

The kid is small, but plays like a man among boys in HS. Small doesn’t fare well for a linebacker in a P5 program.

In a G5 Indy school, he can be a BMOC. By the time we are done sweeping his 6 years, TDS will be recruiting players that weren’t even alive the last time TDS beat Utah. That’s some serious amount of time passed without the only win that matters to them.

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Who needs the drama. The whole purpose of team sports, is to be on a team. Personal aggrandizement and public bickering is not conducive to team vibe.

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