Is it weird to hang a banner in the rafters for an AD?

I think this is strange.

And don’t get me wrong. I hugely appreciate and respect what Hill did and the successes we had under his guidance and watch. But don’t hang a banner for the guy. The rafters should be for the student athletes, not administrators. Even the Majerus sweater banner is a little odd but definitely an allowable gray area. But an AD?

I think we should be able to honor all Utah athletics contributors somehow in some way. Like, doesn’t Coach Gardner have a plaque somewhere in the JMHC? I’m fine with that. Or have a display case or hall of fame somewhere in the concourse for a more broad spectrum of contributors like administrators, boosters, whatever.

But the rafters are special. The rafters should be about the school and about the most special of special students and their teams, IMO.

Am I out in left field here?

I get your point. I just don’t know if I care enough either way.


Dr. Hill arguably did more for Utah athletics than any athlete or coach. It’s a fitting tribute. He should also be in the HOF if he isn’t already.


it’s also weird that we hang jerseys retire numbers in the rafters for hoops, but what do we do for football? - nada


Hard to retire football numbers when you already have to resort to using duplicates for O or D players.

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Hill was about the school if it was not for Hill we are still in the 16 team WAC disaster. He started the MWC inviting BYU and original WAC teams. Then got Utah into the PAC12.


Lakers put one up for Chick Hern (a microphone). I am with Loyter, Hill got us to where we are, give him a banner.

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I am opposed, though I do love Hill. It’s just not the right way to honor an AD. I don’t want future administrators hanging from the rafters.

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Seems like past ADs have had their portrait or photo hung somewhere in the Huntsman, so I don’t understand this. Besides, as much as he contributed (more than any other Utah AD) and as unique as his tenure was, he was the director of all athletics at the U., not just of basketball. Why hang a banner for him in the basketball arena?

Yes. This is how I feel about it that you said much more succinctly. I’m super aware of his achievements that Wild Ute points out above. I 100% support honoring Hill in some long-term way. But the rafters ain’t it, IMO.

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Hill earned the honor.

With that noted…

Given the amount of hardware we have collected, at some point we need to build something like U$C’s Hall of Champions. Women’s Gymnastics could fill a wing of its own…and Chris Hill would get a spot there, too for his work creating the golden age of Utah Athletics.


In fairness it is also the Gymnastics and Volleyball arena.