Is anyone paying attention to the basketball game? We are ahead of UCLA by one point with about 11 minutes to go

I cannot go because of my illness, and I actually forgot about the game for a while too. Then I tuned in to ESPN 700 to see what was happening, and we’re ahead. It sounds like the crowd is into the game too. It figures that this is the game I would be unable to attend.

Playing really well against a top 10 team. :facepunch:

At the game. Good effort. Brenchley has had his best game. Yes, I really said that. Really scrappy D.


Poor guy. You’re missing out on the TV announcers who are oozing love for UCLA.

Oozing love sounds like a social disease. No thanks.

We’ve been on the short end of a couple of calls and Battin can’t shoot. Tough spot now down four.

I think we are missing various pieces, and one of them is a clutch shooter.

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The two future clutch shooters had the end of game looks tonight. I think Stefanovic and Madsen will be fine in that role with a little more game experience. They both played well the night.

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Two good shots for the tie and neither could fall.

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I agree. I’m still cautiously optimistic about the future. I heard Josh Newman say on Riley’s show that the team has “missing pieces” and so this upcoming recruiting season is critical for Craig Smith’s success in the next several years. Makes sense to me. We need a talent upgrade in some spots, but Stefanovic and Madsen are part of the future if they stay. Stefanovic seems very advanced for a freshman.

We aren’t winning, but we really aren’t being run out of the gym.

Cautious optimism…

I can’t feel sorrow for celebrity deaths, but I can feel sorrow for this statement. In 1998 I never would have believed I would be thinking things just like this today.


Smith sold me on his coaching ability last night. Getting a team that has lost too many to remember straight & looking like a blowout after 3 minutes to actually hold the lead with under 3 minutes was hard to believe.

Juzang is really good, but the refs bailed him out several times. The block out call on Marco near the end when if anything Juzang gets the foul for being on his back, the Chris Paul rip through is a foul, but not a shooting foul, etc.

Meat Loaf is a great name for a singer & he had a part in Rocky Horror Picture Show & so maybe even if you don’t like some of his songs—you have to admit 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


The sad reality. I was talking to my son last night about how it’s unbelievable this was allowed to happen. I am confident we will be back.

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UCLA related this week


Our best effort since beating Fresno State and miles ahead of our last 2 home games.


The game was competitive. Juzang had an all star evening, Utah could not guard him. I saw the late somewhat questionable calls, but I want to believe in the end, those even out. But they did come at a time when they seriously disadvantaged the Utes. The defense is what kept Utah in the game, tight, tough, scrappy. Utah missed Carlson, stating the obvious. I hoped that Gach or Madsen or Stefanovic could channel some PVD, but alas, three tries and it was not to be. I see a glint of hope for the Utes…next year.


I attended the game. Best atmosphere in a long time (not saying much, I know). Not much I can add, but looking forward to what Craig can do in the offseason to raise the talent level.


It’s amazing what happens when you keep the turnovers under control, shoot well from 3, and play scrappy defense. Well done Utes.


Yes. When the team plays that way it makes me respect Smith and also makes me hopeful. Watching them last night made me think of how Big Rick’s teams played even when they were short on talent. I would love to see a Maji-type coach without the eccentricities. I truly loved Rick, but…


Josh Newman:

Utah Utes basketball is not extinct, and Thursday’s loss to No. 9 UCLA proved it

Taking everything into account, Thursday felt like proof enough that Utah basketball is not yet extinct, as some argue. That argument is rooted in the upper bowl situation, rooted in the stagnation of the final years of the Larry Krystkowiak era, rooted in Smith getting off to a rocky start, and yes, rooted in a certain faction of fans demanding that it be 1998 for all of eternity.

No, this basketball program is not extinct. It may be trying to wake up from hibernation, but extinct, it is not. There was too much good happening Thursday, too much fight, too much noise for that to be the case.