Is anybody streaming the spring game today?

I cant stream my ohine to my TV and would love to watch it on the TV


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Ha! Bryson Barnes breaks tackles for a 55 yard touchdown. Gets called back for taunting. :joy:

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Stream broke.
Thank you for doing it while you could though.
I appreciate it so much

Yeah, Twitch has been cracking down. Sorry =(.

I’m working on a different solution for the season.

Barnes is definitely the #2 QB. Good footwork, great ball release, good decisions (sans the trash talk penalty). His size is still a concern when taking hits when he is running.

Jackson is a great athlete, but his release and footwork are still limiting his potential. Maybe he cleans it up. If we wanted a “slash” out there to confuse a defense (Ala Kordell Stewart), he could definitely bring a wrinkle.

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A few quick thoughts on the game;

  • Glover and Cope both look legit. Cope’s one-handed grab in the first half was a thing of beauty.
  • Thomas looks HUGE. Dude is absolute beast.
  • Felt like the d-line was getting lots of QB pressure. Good for them, and concerning for the o-line, given how long it took for that group to gel last year. That said, Rising’s decision making should help that significantly.
  • You could tell Jackson was amped through the roof to start. He played better once he calmed down, but I agree that he’s still likely the #3 option. That touch pass to Parks for a TD was amazing though. His decision making seems rather suspect.
  • Barnes’ penalty was hilarious. I’d love to know what he said.
  • Sly is a really good color commentator

As Spring Games go, it accomplished the purpose of showing some new guys, and playing with super vanilla defense.

  • Glover is the real deal. I think Moss’ records are safe, this kid won’t stay four years.

  • Vele has become very polished. Cope looks really good, Parks is his bookend.

  • great to see Broughton back

  • really impressive player interviews - the culture is deeply set. Junior Tafuna, Vele, Bernard… all of them.

  • really hard to tell with a spring game, but I agree with Greg on the QBs, though I thought Jackson was really good in the throw game, even if the technicals looked a little off. His physicality will get him into games. Barnes is one tough farm kid, nice touch, fundamentally sound.