Intuit and $29.15, a journey

Intuit lost a class action lawsuit some time ago for cheating consumers.
The corp has been ordered to pay users.
They have been attempting to give me the settlement amount for many months.
Each time I refuse their efforts.
I have decided to only accept the monies, if they pay me in cash, in-person, with a hearty handshake.
I don’t remember the last time I held a dime or a nickel. It has probably been a decade or more.
During the handshake, I plan to slip the money back into their pocket.

I like your way of sticking it to the man, on this one, BAMAT!

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Not sure that’s the right term. I simply want to see how far they will go for $29.15.
I wonder if the amount will increase with interest over time.

Screen Shot 2024-05-01 at 9.45.49 AM

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OK, “messing with the man”. (On second thought, that doesn’t sound right. Disregard.)

I would ask the Intuit peoples if they can deposit the monies in an offshore account. Ie,

"You guys got busted for skirting laws, now it’s my turn".

On that BAMAT site - “… will be an answer to the challenge raised by the proliferation of the current bibliography”.

If everybody used Wikipedia for everything, we wouldn’t have some of these problems.

Bibliography would be: “See Wikipedia. Hey, it was was there when I wrote this!

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