Internet or cable tv outages?

Has anyone been experiencing internet or cable (or other subscription) tv outages this weekend?

I ask, because the entire assisted living facility (two independent buildings) in which my mother lives, have had no television since early yesterday afternoon. When I mentioned this in a text group to my siblings and their kids, who live in Salt Lake, Phoenix area, Mohave, AZ, and various parts of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina, I had several people respond with comments like:

Yeah, their are widespread internet and tv outages in several parts of the country.

(My conspiracy theory Trump supporter brother, added, “Something is up!!”.)

I can’t see any news reports of anything like this, anybody else know of any issues?

I haven’t seen anything.

Haven’t noticed anything. The only thing we’ve had along those lines started a few weeks back after that crazy thunder snow storm SLC had and now our TV that’s just hooked to an antenna can’t get channels 2, 4, 5, or 7, and only gets 9 and 13. Riddle me that one. I just haven’t convinced myself to crawl up into the attic to look at the antenna itself, but I can’t see how a storm changes that anyway.

My internet and cable tv has not seen any outages since the line work about a month ago on the trunk feeder lines on 3500 S. That one was a planned outage,

Our company has a toll free number that is one digit different than the number for AT&T/Direct TV and a few times a month we’ll invariably get a call from someone who misdialed and is looking for help with their landline/cellphone/wifi/satteliteTV/etc.

A co-worker last week took an angry call from someone really unhappy about their DirectTV being out and was desperate to get it fixed in time for the basketball tournament (of course all he could is politely inform the caller he had reached the wrong number.) I noted that if I lost my TV for the tourney that March Madness would take on a whole new meaning.

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