Interesting take by Wilner on the PAC12, B1G, ACC alliance

I hope this opens the door for some great OOC schedules down the road.

Weirdly, Alabama has 8 Home and Homes on the books with Alliance members. (Also, some Big XII schools that are not named OU and Texas). Utah has One Home and Home (Wisconsin). Utah has more Home and Homes right now with the SEC than the “Alliance.”

As of now in terms of scheduling, I’ve not seen much from the alliance.

I suppose it’s all a “wait and see” game with all parties. I’m no longer certain what the PAC12’s end goal is, so all I can do is “wait and see.”

We’re only 6 months in from the announcement of the alliance…I did not expect to see much in terms of scheduling yet. It will be easier to start the cross conference scheduling in basketball than in football. Based on some of the things Wilner said, the alliance was more about influence than scheduling.