Interesting speculation for the Buffs

I’m not sure how much stock to put into this article on 247’s article, but it is interesting. As of right now, I’d put very little stock into the thought. IMO this is more a thought experiment than anything else.

How’d y’all feel about having Coach Prime at CU? I think he’d make them relevant again, and within a season or 2. How would Whit and company respond? With Oregon being able to get splashy players, CU would too with Coach Prime, what does Whit do to respond? I know, same question, but it is a big one.

Anyway, just an interesting idea for our “rival.”

Deion seems like a southern guy. The weather for Saturday - or even just the potential weather this time of year in Boulder - might bend him toward a job in Florida, seems to me.

My wife’s family & friends back home in Kentucky think she’s crazy for being out here in the mountains, in the snow. In the summer it’s great, but when the cold comes… nope, no way.

“If that works for you, then great, but I don’t want anything to do with that.” Ironically, her bestie from gradeschool lives in Vegas, which everyone thinks is awesome. (Different strokes, but we have the benefit of knowing about SLC & Vegas.)

Never say never - he certainly could make it work, but seems less likely than moving up to the next level down in the South.


FWIW, I still think Sanford might get the interim tag removed. Truth is he has done a great job coaching up a team that was a total dumpster fire to one that may be losing, but has been generally competitive. Give the guy a recruiting cycle or two and maybe they move up.

Truth is Prime Time will not like coaching at an FBS school, regardless of location. Right now, he is heralded as a living legend at Jackson State, and is getting great pub outside the HBCU world. He may translate some of his stuff to FBS, but not at the level of a Nick Saban or a Dabo Swinney - and the FBS school and Deon will both have that higher expectation.

In the end he will lament publicly about leaving Jackson State.

I don’t see him going to CU either, I just found it interesting. Unlike @Greginslc I do see Coach Prime leaving Jackson State, and being ok about it. As to where? I’d think a Florida school would fit him well, but which one? Dunno. I don’t see him going to Miami, no matter how much the school may regret the Cristobal hire.

Agree, Deion is never going to Colorado, at least as FB coach. He’ll make a move somewhere in the Southeast.