Interesting LK recruit—Payton Sandfort

Looks like a big (6’8”) wing who can run the floor and shoot. Can go to his left and use his left hand, although I think he needs to work on that a little.

He’s a poor mans caleb lohner. YAY!!!

He recently picked up an offer from Stanford. He is our priority number 1 for 2021. He was able to visit before the pandemic started. I think hes an NBA talent. Its going to be hard to beat out Iowa, but I know the staff will do all they can to get him here. Would be a huge get.

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PF vs. SF so apples to oranges in that sense. But star ratings wise they are both 3* on all the major services. If you put stock in those services, Sandfort is ahead or at least on par (especially given the year difference). 247 currently has Sandfort as the #32 SF nationally and #1 in his state, while Loehner’s national PF ranking is #36.

Losing Loehner stung but we’ll see how it all pans out. Apparently the buzz is that Kellier, the under-the-radar kid who fell into the Utes’ lap, could pan out to be a much stronger (or at least earlier) contributor than Loehner would have been.

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I think that guy is just a troll. He shows up on every ute hoops post to bash the program and larry k regardless of the topic being discussed.


Everyone seems to think he’s a lock for Iowa. He’d be a huge get for Utah.

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Lol, no difference in today’s game. One is less athletic/strong than the other, that’s it.

Ha! Not a troll, just had it with LK.

Regardless of the topic? Your post makes no sense. If the MBB team is being discussed, mentioning LK is relevant always.

I’m referring more to the fact that those services analyze/rank PF and SF as separate positions.

Hes also got a younger brother coming up, class of 2023. Not as tall (yet) but a very good shooter. Surprise, surprise, its Utah and Iowa again.

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