Injury info before Beavs and/or USC?

Realizing Whitt keeps injury info locked down like Fort Knox…

Reading on KSL that Cam still isn’t cleared but was able to dress in pregame practice then back to street clothes during the game? Not making me confident he’s 100% for Friday against the Beavs

Kuithe haven’t seen an update in a week or so and last time we got a “soon”. But again seems that doesn’t make me think he’s going to be back for Friday. Or ready if he’s not been practicing at 100-% for several more weeks…?

Any reason for optimism out there anyone knows?

Finally since he is out for the year has anyone heard of Micah is actually okay? I don’t mean football okay but functional okay? Asking because I am a fan of his and really respected him coming back this year to help the team after the TT fiasco. Would hate to think he’s going to have long term issues from the off the field accident that mess with his future. I don’t social media so might miss info.

Along those same lines…what is the status of JJ?

Our defense is one of the best in the country.


Rising’s clearance has been handed off to the U’s medical staff, with requirements from his surgeon. That’s all we know.

I’d guess Kuithe’s earliest is after the bye.

Bernard, from what we’ve heard, has facial fractures. Those aren’t something he’s going to be able to play with, but it’s not long term. Just season ending.


Thanks Diehard.

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