In wake of scandals, USC radically cuts number of trustees, imposes age limits, diversity rules

Better late than never I hope the U does something meaningful for campus safety. The steps taken so far appear to generally inadequate. The first they ought to do is allow SLCPD back on campus Too many turf wars over that with U of U PD. I’m not talking about patrols and speed enforcement. I’m talking about when people elope from UNI etc.


“Institutionalization“ of an organization always tends toward becoming problematic as its lens becomes more focused on the organization and less on those it is supposed to serve. U$C is one of the more high profile cases we have seen splashed all over the media.

The University is getting its own share of heat over how it has handled a number of policing issues. Shaking up the top from time to time may offer some change, but it may as simply re-form itself.

We will see…

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About freaking time. USC will be back. It will take some time, but they will be back.

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The new president at USC had to clean out the recent mess at UNC. She will get USC running right.

And yet, today’s scuttlebutt is she has reconsidered allowing her choice as AD to hire UM. Story goes the prospective AD at first said yes, then said no when he was told no Urban. So she about faced.

Maybe that’s wishful hoping on the part of armchairzzz. Time will tell.

If it’s true that’s hardly cleaning up a mess.