In Utah basketball history, has anyone been more inappropriately used by a coach than Britton Johnsen?

Britton was ahead of his time and he would have flourished in today’s basketball. It’s a tragedy that Rick Majerus would not allow him to play to his abilities and forced him to play the game with his back to the basket.

now were questioning Majerus?

you’re on a roll this week


I’m not questioning majeres as much as I’m suggesting that if Johnson had played in today’s basketball he might have been utilized much more effectively. He had a skillset that was built for today’s basketball. I think Britton Johnson might even agree with that.

sorry I must have been mistaken by the title "has anyone been more inappropriately used by a coach"


Are you saying that you would not go to Cougarboard and start a discussion about how Roger Reid didn’t use Shawn Bradley properly?

Very true. I could have worded that much better. But the intent of my post is still the same Britton Johnson was used wrong. Britton Johnson was ahead of his time.

That is actually legitimate conversation. But let’s try to stay on topic here. Do you think his skill set was used effectively?



How about when someone uses their blinker inappropriately? Discuss.


Nice deflection.

I get that youre a troll and that giving you attention kind of defeats the purpose, but what a silly premise. “Britton was ahead of time! Majerus used him incorrectly!”

You mean…kinda like the guy that britton replaced? The guy who was 4 times first team all wac, 3 times wac player of the year, 2 time all american?

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Jeff Johnsen was a good match with his skill set for Majerus, Britton maybe was not. But remember he also had some injuries that hampered what he could do.

Bottom line is he did get more tentative with his shot because Majerus had little patience for that sort of game. You had to have beyond good shot selection.

But was this the worst instance? I think we have a solid run of bad utilization with bad coaches here. I mean, look at what Kuzma became in the pros.

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You have a good point about the injuries affecting his game. I had not thought of that before you brought it up. I have listened to Britton Johnson talk about this topic a few times in interviews on the radio and I got the sense that it was a bit of a battle between him and Majerus. Ultimately, if he wanted to stay on the court, he had to do it Rick Majerus’s way. This is No Slam on Rick Majerus, he’s a legendary coach.

To answer the question was this the worst instance? No. And it’s not even close. I really didn’t expect to get this kind of push back. I have talked to Britton Johnson personally at some AAU basketball tournaments. He’s a fantastic basketball player and an even better human being. I honestly thought this would be a legitimate topic of conversation for a Sunday afternoon.

Kuzma is an interesting example. I don’t believe Krysko mismanaged Kuzma as much as Kuzma’s game is geared more towards the open fast paced style of the NBA. I think you could also argue that Kyle figured some things out and finally came into his own as a basketball player.

I think other examples of this (guys who didn’t blossom until the next level) are Tim Patrick and Steve Smith (different sport though)

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This is a very good point. I feel like I see that with a lot of Pro’s. Thier game, their skill set, their body type may not fit in college but they end up flourishing in the NBA. You can add the difference between the college and pro schemes also have an effect.

Remember how Dean Smith mismanaged a guy named Michael Jordan? That Smith guy could have taken his teams to a much higher level if only he knew how to use his players.



Can you at least spell his last name correctly?

If you want a football example, Jamal Anderson was mostly a blocker for the first year and a half of his two-year Utah career.