Important news: Scientists figure out why food sometimes sticks to nonstick pans

Non-Stick Pan is an oxymoron. Eggs will always stick without oil or butter. Rediscovered that just this morning.

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Well-season cast iron. I made the switch this summer. So great.

Best non stick pan out there.

Didn’t realize that it had a name, but anyone who’s ever cooked has seen the drying out of the pan in the center. It’s a PITA to work with if you don’t relube that dry spot.

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(Beavis and Butthead laughter)


I bought a $7 non-stick aluminum piece of crap from Walmart and it’s the best pan I’ve ever owned. Eggs slide off like… well, butter.

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You must be a witch.

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He turned me into a newt!!!

Well I got better…


Look at Mr. Fancy here, goin’ to Walmart and all…

On a darker note, I saw the movie Dark Waters where Mark Ruffalo does his “I am an important fighter of the good cause” role, but wow, did DuPont poison a lot of people with Teflon.