I'm so glad there is a Ute basketball game today

To take my mind off the loss yesterday. Also, so thankful that we have Utefans to come and unload our feelings about Ute athletics. Cathartic.

I’ve read most of the posts about the game, with the predominant theme being what level of recruit Utah is able to bring to the Utes.

Yes, I believe like most that Whittingham has done wonders with the 3 and 4 star recruits that we traditionally have a ceiling of getting. Actually he has done the improbable, in finishing near the top of the CFP with names like Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson, LSU, etc… This, when there are hundreds of Programs with better recruiting classes.

I agree that Utah needs better recruits, and at least one coaching change (O line). But the recruiting problem is rooted primarily in the past history of the football Program. Utah has never won a national chamionship. We fight hard to be ranked in the top 25 each year, which is a feat in itself. We are in Utah. “You go play in Utah”. Thank heaven for the Hallandale trio. We simply are not a sexy Athletic program to sign up with if you want to be in the limelight.

Whittingham has increasingly put players in the NFL, which helps a lot. Winning with what he has helps a lot. Doing some good work in recruiting with the right guys/contacts (Dennis Erickson thank you so much).

I don’t think the Utes, hard as they may try will change the recruiting rankings in the short term, will all of a sudden start bringing in 4 and 5 star recruits consistently. So what is the answer.

Has to be done with the formula Whittingham is using! Get the best athletes you can and do a hell of a coaching job! As said he is making inroads in recruiting, and still needs to get elite line backers, quarterbacks, O line men.

The Utes were so close this year. I think the weak link was the O line this year, and most of past years. If we hadn’t had a talented QB with running capability to make up for deficiency in O line play, we wouldn’t have scored like we did. An elite O line is needed in the toughest games against the elite football teams.

All factors considered, the Utes need to improve O line play as job #1 going forward. Hire a good O line coach, and put the emphasis on recruiting the best O line guys we can get to come to Utah.

Speaking which, I have two tickets available. Free to a good home. Boardmail me and I can get them to you via FlashSeats.