I'm amazed at the foolishness

First there was the small, quaint, gathering of multiple hundred people in the parking garage of the airport to welcome home Mormon Missionaries.

Then, I went for a bicycle ride yesterday afternoon, intending to go up city creek canyon, but turned around at memory grove as the place was literally wall to wall people, many in groups of a dozen or more.

Just now, I live in the Harvard/Yale neighborhood, just south of the UofU, and watched an Ice Cream truck drive through the neighborhood. It gets better though, there are people lining up to buy!?!?

Yup, drove by a liquor store a couple of days ago with a line that wrapped all the way around the building and further. Looked like Disneyland.

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Well, I mean, not anymore.

For some of us, going to the liquor store is like opening presents on Christmas Day…only…booze.:wink:


Lol. I’m just saying some people did stupid stuff for Elder Daniels and others did stupid stuff for Jack Daniels.