If you're able to see a star

it might as well be Peter Sagan, 3x consecutive World Champ.

Guess he’s training in Utah, per VeloNews. So to our cycling Utes, pass this on if you want. Most of the folks I know in cycling in Utah, probably already knew this, but still.

It’s fitting that you talk about seeing stars, and his last name is Sagan.

LOL, that took me longer than it should have to figure out what you meant.

The article mentioned that he’s in and around Park City. I’ve never met Peter, but it is said that he’s a really nice guy in person. So, if you see him, say hi.

Did he ever ride in the Tour of Utah?

A few years ago when my son was racing mountain bikes in the Utah High School MTB league one of the European road racers was walking around the staging area. For the life of me I can’t remember his name but he finished in 3rd or 4th place in the Tour de France a few years earlier. I got a photo of him with my son. He was a really nice guy.

No, I don’t think Sagan has ever ridden the ToU.

There have been Tour de France riders who have raced the ToU, some from Europe, most from the US. Trek-Segafredo sent riders, so did EF (under other names).

We just got back from six days staying up in Park City and we took a couple of rides around Treasure Valley while we were there. I definitely didn’t see Peter Sagan. He’s my sister’s favorite pro rider. She says he actually looks good in bike shorts.

As for TdF riders who have been in the Tour of Utah (may it rest in peace), there have been many. I forget the name of the one guy who was “sent down” on his team to essentially be a player/coach for the younger, developing riders. The big name recently has to be Sepp Kuss from Durango, CO and rides for Jumbo-Visma, who simply owned the ToU in 2018. He won three of the six stages that year. He’s a climbing beast. He won Stage 15 of the TdF last year.