If you ever wondered why Wyoming and BYU have such bad blood here it is

If Wyoming plays BYU in the Hawaii Bowl, Root for the Cowboys!!

I will root for Wyoming draining all the alcohol from Hawaii the way they emptied the shelves of Las Vegas at their lone Vegas Bowl appearance.

It was a thing of worship and bowl lore…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Kicking East Provo’s ass would be the icing on the cake.


In the name of Landpoke, amen. One of my favorite all-time personalities on this board!


I remember that event well. It was the Wyoming coach that put his foot down and threw the players off the team. Wyoming never recovered. Just a few years earlier they were nationally ranked, 2 or 3 I think. And played LSU in the sugar bowl.

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Indeed Wyoming may have remained relevant if the coach at the time had just firmly told his players to take off the armbands instead of dismantling the team.

I think Wyoming was harder hit than BYU in that story. I’m going from memory – I was a teenaged avid reader of Sports Illustrated back then. Seems like the SI coverage slammed the Cowboys and BYU was just the trigger. I think Wyoming fans are just hard-core and hate everyone. They reserve a special (and understandable) dislike for BYU football, like many of the old WAC and MWC schools did (and still do). I don’t think that’s because of the Black 14 incident.

I don’t remember the incident…too young and was a Raider fan. When I got old enough to know about college football, I became a Utah fan (1969). College ball was not much of a topic back then in Utah Valley because East Provo sucked! The incident never came up in the local news, and didn’t start reading SI until the late 1970’s when my brother got a free subscription as a gift from SI for coverage of East Provo firing their basketball coach.

It sounds like the Wyoming coach remained an A-hole to the bitter end.

It seems like Laramie would be a tough place to live if you’re an African American.